Manistee Fire Dept. Trains on Tracking System Aimed at People With Medical Conditions

A small piece of equipment is helping keep people with certain medical conditions safe.

It’s called the Care Trak System and tracks high-risk people with medical conditions like Alzheimer’s or Dementia, that may have a tendency to wander off.

The Manistee Fire Department in Manistee used it on Friday for a training exercise.

During the exercise, a team of three went out on a mock call of a missing man with Alzheimer’s. A Care Trak transmitter had been placed on him prior to the call.

The transmitter along with a few other pieces of equipment allowed the team to track him in a matter of minutes.

“Once we pick up the signal with the vehicle antenna, we switch to the ground antenna and then we can find them that way. They could wander a considerable distance and still find them,” said Fred LaPoint, who is an engineer/paramedic with the Manistee Fire Dept.

It took only 20 minutes to find the wanderer during this scenario.

The program is being used in Manistee. To join or find out more information contact the police, fire, or sheriff’s department.

If you live outside the area, call the same departments to see if it’s offered there.

9&10’s Breelynn Martin and Photojournalist Tony Zyber have more.