UPDATE: Christian Radio DJ Accused of Sex Crimes, Pleaded Guilty

Former Christian radio host, John Balyo, was arrested at the Big Ticket Festival, Gaylord, back in June.  

Balyo pleaded guilty in court, Tuesday. 

He admits to meeting up with another adult and a 12-year-old boy in Kalamazoo in April.  

Police say Balyo sexually abused the boy, and took photos with his cell phone and camera. 

He paid the child, then left. 

Balyo faces at least 15 years in prison. 


State police arrested a Grand Rapids radio DJ for sex crimes.

Officers arrested John Balyo Friday in Gaylord. Balyo was charged in court Monday for sex crimes.

He is accused of paying another person to arrange sexual encounters with minors.

Balyo is an on-air personality for christian radio station, WCSG.

Federal investigators say a raid several weeks ago helped link them to Balyo.