UPDATE: Inmate Accused of Planning to Have TNT Informant Killed

Continuing coverage on a murder plot hatched in Northern Michigan. Investigators say Christopher Norfleet from Detroit wanted to find someone to kill a witness against him in a drug case.

He moved to the Grayling area and was arrested for selling heroin, thanks partly to a confidential informant.

While in the Crawford County Jail, police say Norfleet somehow found out who the informant was and tried to get another inmate to help arrange the murder.

Investigators say the inmate was not interested in Norfleet’s plot and contacted police back in March.

That’s when the state police became involved.
Detective Sergeant Steve Porter of the Michigan State Police said, “The information was that the suspect, Mr. Norfleet, had approached this inmate, asking him to assist with securing someone who could kill the confidential informant, and so he made arrangements with him to try and make that happen.”

The inmate though, to his credit, wanted nothing to do with such a plot and contacted jail authorities, who contacted state police, and they wound up spending a lot of time at the jail, monitoring Norfleet’s mail and phone calls.

Sheriff Kirk Wakefield of Crawford County said, “Ya know, you’ll get a couple inmates in the same cell together and one will be talkin’ pretty bad, and the other one goes…I don’t know if that’s right or not, and he tells somebody and one thing leads to another, just like this did, and voila.”

Norfleet now faces a charge of solicitation to murder. Police say the confidential informant was told of the plot, but was never in danger.

Detective Sergeant Steve Porter said, “He was surprised, very concerned by the fact that his life might be in danger, but again, he was made aware of the situation, that existed, so he could protect himself and his family.”

This is not something that happens very often in Northern Michigan jails, but Sheriff Wakefield says he’s not surprised.

“You know I have this saying…you just can’t make this stuff up.”

Michigan State Police arrested a man for trying to have a police informant murdered. The investigation began in March after the Traverse Narcotics Team was advised of a plan to have one of their informants killed.

They say Christopher Norfleet, who was already in custody for delivery of controlled substance at the Crawford County Jail, came up with the plan.

Another inmate who learned of the plan brought information to police.

Norfleet could now face life in prison for solicitation of murder.