UPDATE: Police Find Body Believed to be Missing Woman Kimberly Dejohn

Michigan State Police and Warren police are out in Cheboygan County where they were searching another property for missing woman Kimberly Dejohn.

Police found a body and it is believed to be that of Kimberly Dejohn. Dejohn was last seen May 14. Her sister reported her missing on May 28.

Earlier in June, police were searching a property in Presque Isle County that belonged to a family member or Lloyd DeJohn, her husband. That search turned up empty.

Police say a new tip from an inmate who was close to Lloyd Dejohn led police to a foreclosed home in Afton on M-68.

Detective Jim Wolfe from Warren Police said, “We got a tip from an inmate who was close to Lloyd Dejohn who is incarcerated in the jail who have us a location of a vacant home.”

When Warren police received the tip, they had Tuscarora Twp. police check out the property, and something didn’t seem right.

Robert Wagner, Tuscarora Police, said, “Some of the ferns have been bent over. It looked like tire tracks. And they backed up to the area that looked suspicious to us.”

Cadaver dogs hit on a scent of a body on the property Wednesday afternoon.

Police and crime labs searched and dug all day.

They found a grave with an uncovered body inside. It is not confirmed to be Dejohn, but they believe it is her. A woman’s blouse was also in the grave.

Warren police say Dejohn’s husband was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault and is a primary suspect for her murder.

They hope this will bring closure to the case, and to Dejohn’s family.

Detective Wolfe said, “I expect it will bring them closure. I can almost guarantee. They deserve peace, and this is one step closer to the healing process.”

9&10’s Alyssa Gambla and photojournalist Erin Malone were on scene all day gathering details.