Farmers Pleased with Recent Heavy Rainfall

You may be ready to see all this rain go away, but local farmers say they’re okay with it staying around- for now.

The farmer we spoke with said on average, Osceola County gets around 2 and a half inches of rain during June.

He says with the way the weather has been lately, beating that average wouldn’t be a bad thing.  

“By estimates across the region, this could be a million dollar rain that we’re receiving right now.”

Rain, rain- don’t go away. That’s the tune local farmers are singing. 

“If you don’t have water, you don’t have a crop.”

“It’s the newly planted corn and soybean crops that will benefit a great deal with a warm rain,” says MSU Extension Agriculture Educator, Jerry Lindquist.

The rain comes at the perfect time, at the beginning of the growing season, but for hay farmer Gary Carmichael, a little heat wouldn’t hurt either.

“You have to have 3 to 4 days right in a row in order to cut the hay, let it dry, rake it up, and so for us, we make our living selling hay and it becomes very, very important we have a good product for our customers,” Carmichael explains.

And should the rain continue for a few more days, “We may have some flooding and possibly some erosion. There is the risk, mainly in the fruit crops, of some wind damage on trees and some of those types of crops,” says Lindquist.

Farmers say they’ll continue to adjust to the wet weather, while expecting that mother nature has some heat on the way. 

“If we can get abundant rainfall, but then sunny days behind that with temperatures in the 80’s, that provides ideal growing conditions for many farm crops and that’s the perfect world.”

Carmichael also says that he doesn’t mind the rain because it’s free, unlike when he uses his irrigation system.