Big Ticket Festival Draws Crowds Despite Weather

Hundreds of people flocked to Otsego County tonight for one of the country’s biggest faith-based music festivals.

The Big Ticket Festival officially begins tomorrow, but they decided to start a day early to draw in a new crowd.

The Big Ticket highlights christian music, and fun family entertainment. The festival expects thousands of people each day of the four day event in Gaylord.

“We’re looking forward to all the additional traffic here in downtown Gaylord,” says Wendy Fleming, manager at Sugar Bowl Restaurant. Many businesses say this is a great way to jump into their busy season. “It was a very difficult winter up here, we are very excited to see all the traffic and to see some warm weather. It’s great, in fact we already saw quite a few families in here this afternoon for lunch,” says Fleming.

Many of the businesses say this festival brings in a great crowd of families. Alpine Lodge says they are booked for the entire weekend. “Really enjoy the hospitality it brings to Gaylord and the warmth and feeling of family and friends and festive,” says SueAnn Braley, manager at Alpine Lodge.

The festival encourages families to connect with each other and God in a fun atmosphere. “We’re together with our family whether we like it or not and what we kind of want to do here is create an environment where families can connect but bond spiritually not just bond by entertainment,” says Drew Spanding, president of the festival.

For the past couple of years the festival went downstate but decided to come back. “We’ll stay in Northern Michigan forever, it’s what makes our festival special in a way, not just what we’re doing but the location we’re in too,” says Spanding.

Duck Dynasty was at tonight’s event along with the country band Thomson Square. More than 60 artists will be performing over the next couple of days.

For more information about the event, visit the Big Ticket Festival website.