Strong Storms Tear Through Kingsley

Storms brought with it high winds and torrential downpour just a Tuesday morning. One place that saw a lot of damage was the Kingsley area, in Grand Traverse County.

Meredith Barack is in Kingsley where the storms this morning really did some damage. You can see a number of trees were just snapped in half.

The homeowner, Chuck Lark, says the storm lasted no more than fifteen minutes and when he came outside he couldn’t believe what his yard looked like.  Chuck says eight trees, all 55′ to 65′ in height, were snapped in half.

The trees managed to miss a barn, shed, and a truck in the yard, all of which chuck says is mind-boggling.

“It was ‘oh my god, I can’t believe this just happened!’ because it just happened in a couple of minutes. It was here, it was gone. I have no idea what it was, if it was a tornado or just a strong wind,” explained Chuck. 

Chuck says he anticipates it taking weeks to clean up all the trees and branches.