Registered Sex Offender Accused of Sex Crimes in Emmet County

A Pinckney man has been arrested as a suspect in a sex crimes case in Emmet County.

State troopers say Anthony Caroen is being accused of sex crimes against two young girls.

Michigan State Police Trooper John Ferguson says, “he transporter up a friend of the family from downstate to be with more family in Northern Michigan, and they went to a cabin in Alanson. He had been trusted with 4 girls and 1 boys care. His idea of caring for them was intoxicating them…letting them smoke marijuana and smoke cigarettes. “

This would not be Caroen’s first offense, he already served time in 2003 for sex crimes. In ’03 he was charged with sex crimes, a felony, and 2 additional convictions for accosting a minor for immoral purposes.

Social workers say it is not uncommon for sex offenders to repeat behaviors.

Mary Hotchkiss, social worker at the Women’s Resource Center said, “Most victims are assaulted by someone they know and most perpetrators on children or adults are repeat offenders. Once they do that act they’re more likely to do it again.”

Caroen is already in the sex offender database, but some parents of the teen victims did not know that.

State troopers say it’s important to check the online database often.

It’s absolutely right to do a full check on anyone your child is gonna be spending time with. The public sex offender registry is a tool to help people and if they utilize it, it could prevent things like this from happening again,” said Ferguson.

And counselors add that when victims come forward, it actually can help others.

“Every time someone reports this crime it prevents that person from hurting other children or adults,” added Hotchkiss.

Police anticipate more charges soon involving Caroen giving the minors alcohol and drugs.

You can check the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry here