Many Overwhelmed With Big Storm Clean Up

A strong storm knocked down trees and power lines across Northern Michigan, and now many people are stuck cleaning up the mess.

The storm seemed to only last a few minutes but caused a big mess. Wexford County wasn’t one of the hardest hit counties, but they definitely saw their fair share.

“All the storms that have gone through here, nothing like this,” says Sherry Paul, who lives in Harrietta. Sherry says she was shocked to see her small neighborhood filled with uprooted trees. “My husband called me and he said you can’t come down the driveway because it’s just full of trees,” says Sherry.

The Wexford County Road Commission helped clear a path for Sherry to get down her driveway.

“Luckily the county said they’d come out and take care of all of this side, but we have to do this side because this is ours, I don’t know, we’re going to have a lot of work this summer,” says Sherry.

The road commission says this wasn’t their only task today, they tackled more than 30 calls from people with damage in need of help. Central dispatch collected damage reports and passed them along to the emergency manager. “I came in and gathered all that data and emailed it to the weather service so then they understand what time that damage was reported and where exactly it was to compare with their radar,” says Sarah Benson, Wexford County Emergency Manager.

The information could help determine if straight line winds came through the area or not. As people begin to clean up, there may be a reason to wait. “Over the next few days we’ll be watching the threat for severe weather and staying in close contact with the National Weather Service,” says Sarah.

If you experience any damage over the next couple of days make sure to contact your central dispatch so they can get a better idea of damage county-wide.