Clinch Park Examined by DNR and MI Trust Fund Board

The DNR and Michigan Trust Fund Board is touring different park facilities partially funded by grant money. 

They’re trying to see if that money is being used wisely.

Today the program held a natural resource meeting at Clinch Park in Traverse City.

The city has received a significant amount of funding for public outdoor recreation from the Michigan Natural Resource Trust Fund.

Having the program examine the recreation areas gives the board a chance to see how the parks are being used and how they can be improved.

Steve DeBrabander, Manager of Grants Management Sector for DNR, said that “It’s great for staff and the Trust Fund Board to get out here and look at the projects that have been completed on the ground.  We review a lot of applications. It’s a very competitive program and it’s just important to get out here, see what’s been accomplished, see some of the new opportunities that are coming up especially in the Traverse City Area.”

The program started in 1976 and has funded over one billion dollars in public outdoor recreation areas in Michigan.

People applying for grants will make a presentation to the board tomorrow at a 9:00 am meeting at the Peninsula Township Hall.