Bike Repair Station Benefits Bicyclists of TC

Biking around Traverse City just got a little easier, as a free bike repair post has been set up outside Traverse City’s Visitor’s Bureau.

Bikers can take their bikes to the post and adjust anything on their bike, such as fill tires up, tighten up anything that could be loose, and more.

The station also includes an air pump, wrenches, screw drivers and it allows your wheels to spin while you make repairs.

People around town think it could really make an impact.

“We know that more and more people who come here and more of the people who live here use their bicycles not only for recreation but for commuting and part of our job is to benefit the traveling public and also to benefit the citizens of Traverse City,” said Mike Norton, Media Relations Manager at TC Tourism. 

The bike repair stand was funded by the Traverse City Convention and Visitors Bureau.