Two Arrested for Silver Dollar Express Break-In

Police arrested two people accused of breaking into a northern Michigan convenience store.   

Deputies say the thieves broke into the Silver Dollar Express, and stole a number of items.

It happened near Roscommon early yesterday morning.

The Silver Dollar Express sits just a block away from Higgins Lake.

Aside from some tourist traffic, it’s a pretty quiet neighborhood, which is why this break-in was a surprise to many. 

“We count on our seasonal business in the summer to do the majority of the business, and then to have someone come in and take away from that is exceptionally frustrating.”

The kick off to the summer season is usually an exciting time at the Silver Dollar Express.

The store manager says they didn’t think they’d be starting things off with a break-in. 

Manager Teresa Shores explains, “It’s definitely not the norm, that’s for sure.”

Police say John Schocke and a juvenile kicked in this door, then helped themselves to cigarettes, rolling papers, and chewing tobacco.

Cameras caught it all.

“What we’re estimating, the product that we lost was about under $500 but then we have the issue with our front door, where that was broke,” Shores says. 

This is the first time in 16 years anything like this has happened, and to the manager, it’s hurtful. 

“I did know one of the individuals even though they were from out of town, but had been coming to the store for many years. Yeah, it was hurtful in a way because we try to establish a relationship with all of our customers here.”

The break-in was likely an isolated incident, but either way the plan is to beef up security so it hopefully never happens again. 

“We’ll definitely be doing some upgrades, enhancing our security, with some additional lighting, additional different locks.”

Deputies say the two suspects broke into several cars as well as breaking into the store.