TC Debuts New Water Filling Stations Across City

A new option for helping the environment debuted today in Traverse City.

The brand new ‘filling stations’ for water are located around town at five different locations.

The multi-use stations are green and can be used as a drinking fountain and a way to refill water bottles.

Organizers hope they will help locals and visitors waste less plastic bottles and reuse them with fresh, local, clean water.

The stations are funded through groups like Hagerty Insurance, the City of Traverse City and the National Cherry Festival.

Some of the stations are also funded by families and anonymous donors.

Traverse City Deputy City Clerk Katie Lowran says, “We are a green city we are earth friendly, the process that is involved in plastic water bottles and the landfills, the recycling this is a catapult to reduce that in the city.”

The city hopes one day to have stations available in every park around the area. You can find the filling stations at the Open Space, F&M Park, Veteran’s Park, Grandview Parkway at Union Street, and the volleyball courts.