Officials Urge Preparedness as Possibility for Storms Increases

Emergency Management officials are urging people to be prepared as the possibility for storms increases this week.  

To get ready for the unexpected, the Benzie County Emergency Management Coordinator says make sure to have food and water, at least 72 hours worth. Typically that’s the amount of time it takes emergency services to get in a position to help you. 

Having items like a weather radio, flashlights, and batteries are important too. Making sure you have a plan in case of an emergency is also necessary. 

“I think the misconception a lot of people have is they got time and unfortunately, especially with tornadoes, if you have a tornado dropping out of the clouds you may not have any time,” says Frank Post, Emergency Management Coordinator in Benzie County.

Many people have replaced their land lines with cell phones, so it’s important to have a backup battery for your phone as well. 

For more information about storm preparedness CLICK HERE.

Breelynn Martin and Photojournalist Jacob Johnson spoke to the EM about how to stay safe.