Cadillac Family Celebrates Father’s Day with Birth of Son

One dad is celebrating Father’s Day by getting the gift of a new baby boy.

While many fathers might be given ties, tools or fishing trips this weekend, Shawn Hackney was given the birth of his second son, Luke.

“It’s a great feeling,” Hackney said. “I love it. It’s a life-changing experience for sure.”

Hackney didn’t get a tie for Father’s Day. Instead, he got something…or someone a bit larger.

“It’s pretty cool,” Hackney said. “It’s definitely a gift you won’t ever forget, obviously. It’s one that I’ll have forever.”

His new son was born only two days ago, just in time to meet dad for the holiday.

“Definitely have my arms full with kids,” Hackney said. “They definitely keep you busy. Keeps you going.”

Luke’s mother, Ashley Graves, came to Cadillac Mercy Hospital to bring him into the world, much to the delight of older brother, Jack.

“It feels great,” Graves said. “I don’t know. I can’t explain. It’s just amazing. It’s amazing. Especially when the other one loves him.”

“Definitely no jealousy or anything, either,” Hackney said.

“From the moment that he was out of my stomach, he wanted to hold him,” Graves added. “He wanted him to come out. He wanted to play.”

“One changes it and two changes it even more,” Hackney said. “You definitely give up a lot of your time to be a father, for sure. It’s definitely worth it.”

In terms of future Father’s Day gifts? The young couple has that one covered, too.

“Crafts to make for Father’s Days,” Graves said. “Now we have two of them to be doing it so it’ll be fun. We’re crafts. We like to do that. Made with love.”

Shawn and Ashley have been together for nine years and look forward to many more Father’s Days.