UPDATE: Michigan’s Highest Court Reviews Deadly Crash With Horse

Michigan’s highest court says two Emmet County property owners are not at fault for a car crash that killed a woman.

In 2010, Terri Sholberg died when her car hit a horse standing in the middle of the road in Friendship Township.

Sholberg’s family filed a lawsuit against Robert and Marilyn Truman.

They own the property, but they do not operate the horse farm.

This week, the judge ruled the owners of the property cannot be held liable if someone else controls the property that created the public nuisance.


Michigan Supreme Court is reviewing a  case from 2010 of a deadly crash involving a horse and a car in Emmet County.

The mother of Terri Sholberg is suing the owners of a stable after the horse escaped and crashed in to a car, killing Scholberg and the animal.

The court has agreed to hear arguments.

Diane Sholberg sued the stable’s owners, but the property actually was under the control of a relative.

Emmet county judge said the Trumans couldn’t be held liable for and alleged nuisance.

The State Appeals Court reversed that decision in November.