Michigan Bill Discussed Involving Concealed Pistol Permits

Another bill that may squeak by before the summer vacation deadline would streamline the process for getting a concealed pistol permit. 

The new bill would eliminate the County Gun Board from the permitting process.

County clerks would then issue the licenses after Michigan State Police run the background check.

Michigan is the only state that still uses County Gun Boards.

Supporters of the bill say the change will save the state money, and remove red tape and delays from trusted gun owners.

“Most counties seem to take about one month as long as you get it close to the date of the gun board meeting but some other counties in this area can take as long as two to three months,” NRA Certified Instructor John Chuchran said. 

The bill’s opponents say it will make it easier for a gun to fall into the wrong hands.

Governor Snyder has voiced support for this version of the bill.