Higher Education Gets Budget Boost

“It really does offer some security for us in future planning.”

Good news for schools.

The state’s budget is set ahead of schedule and all levels are getting more money.

On average, the state’s universities will see an 5.9% more in appropriations.

Central Michigan and Ferris State will both get 7.6% more.

Lake Superior State will get an extra 4.5%.

This compares to Grand Valley who gets the most and Wayne State who will see the least.

For CMU’s that means a little more than $5 million extra this year, bringing the total to $79 million from Lansing.

“We look at this as a partial restoration of funding back in the early 2000s our appropriation was around $91 million so you can see how it has dropped back over the years,” says CMU’s Steve Smith.

For our area community colleges, budgets are at a smaller scale but they can still expect more this year.

All of Northern Michigan’s colleges fall in the three to four percent range with Kirtland and mid michigan community colleges getting the most help.

“The extra $164,000 means we’ve got a little bit of extra revenue that can help hold tuition down as much as it can, this year it helps mitigate some of those cuts we might have to make,” says Mid-Michigan Community College’s Matt Miller.

9&10 News’ Eric Lloyd and photojournalist Tony Zyber have more details.