Robberies in Amish Community Have Negative Impact

A local Amish community has become the target of repeated crimes.

“We love them as neighbors,” Brent Donahue said. “We like to keep them around and we like to keep them safe.”

Neighbors that are being threatened by something rare in their community: robbery.

“They just reach out to see that there are people that do care and we know that they pay taxes and we know that they put in their part and they are good for the community,” Donahue said.

Brent Donahue works with the Amish almost every day.

Living in Gladwin County, that’s not something uncommon.

“Every day, I’ll get a call from an English phone from an Amish person, whether it’s an emergency or something minor,” Donahue said.

But when bad things happen to the Amish, even those who live around them won’t usually hear about it.

“Amish folks like to keep to themselves,” Donahue said. “They don’t like to become a spectacle.”

While the Amish community is known for being peaceful and kind, those traits could be hurting them now, prompting them to take measures they’ve never had to before.

“They are talking about locking their doors,” Donahue said. “They haven’t been locking their doors for years.They’re just out there. Easy pickins.”

A police investigation is underway, but they are not releasing details of the crimes or any possible suspects at this time.