Flamingos Flock to Reed City to Raise Fire Dept. Funds

Some people in northern Michigan may soon be waking up to colorful creatures on their front lawn.

But they shouldn’t be alarmed, it’s all for a good cause, raising money for the Reed City Fire Department.  

To raise money they’ll be flocking flamingos all over local businesses and homes.

People can choose where the flock will “land” and in the cover of darkness, firefighters will place the flamingos.

In order for the flock to migrate, people must pay, and all the funds will go towards the fire department.

“As a volunteer fire department, equipment is something that we need very much and can be hard to come by on occasion. Our auxiliary fund is managed by the firefighters, and used to purchase things that we need to be able to do our job effectively for the citizens of Reed City and our coverage area,” explained firefighter Joshua Axline.

The flamingos landed in reed city this week and the fundraiser will continue for two weeks.