Emmet Co. Recycling Center Hosts Free Tire Drop Off

For those in Emmet County who have some tires laying around the yard, there’s an opportunity for you to get rid of them this weekend, for free.

The Emmet County Recycling Center is offering a drop off this Saturday from 9:00 am to noon.

Limits are seven tires per vehicle and the maximum size is four feet in diameter and one foot wide.

Tires that are left out can become a fire hazard and also can become homes for rodents and those insects everyone has been battling lately:  mosquitoes.

Kate Melby, the Communications Coordinator of Emmet County Recycling, said, “If you’re trying to reduce mosquitoes in your yard this year getting tires out of your yard is definitely a good first step. Because the walls of the tire you know the bottom is going to catch water and the top is going to shelter those little baby mosquitoes so tires are a prime mosquito breeding ground.”

The tires will be recycled into things like mulch, playground coverings, mats and more.