“Footgolf”: A New Twist on an Old Game

Shanty Creek Resorts has been working hard to create a variety of programs to help bring more families out onto the greens.

This year’s additions include a new game called “Footgolf”.

The resort just held an event to show what the game is all about.

It’s like playing soccer on a golf course with a 21 inch cup, and people use tee times, so they can play right along with golfers.

An initiative from the PGA is inspiring the new programs, in hopes of getting more young people involved in the sport.

“Golf is trying to expand the focus of people who are willing to come and play, and with footgolf its amazing in the last couple of weeks a lot of people in their twenties are coming to do it and having a ball doing it,” said Brian Kautz, the Director of Golf for the Shanty Creek Resorts. 

In footgolf, the tees are set forward help quicken the pace of the games on the course.