DNR Investigates Bear Attack

Bear attacks are rare, but when they happen, the Department of Natural Resources makes sure to thoroughly investigate the report.

The DNR recently investigated a report of a bear attack in May.

A man told the DNR he was taking pictures in the woods near Baxter Bridge in Wexford County when a bear approached him and hit him in the thigh area.

The report launched an investigation by the DNR, but they could not confirm the attack, still that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The only evidence they had was a scratch on his leg.

In an investigation, the DNR looks for tracks, food sources, and gather information from the victim if possible.

All the evidence is collected to help the DNR protect the public, let them know if they have a problem bear, or even an injured bear in the area.

9&10’s Breelynn Martin and Photojournalist Jeff Blevins spoke with the DNR about how they investigate reports of bear attacks.