UPDATE: New Details On Suspects Who Police Say Killed Two Las Vegas Officers

Update: June 10

Friends and neighbors are talking about the couple who killed two officers and one other person in Las Vegas last weekend.

Those new details are painting a picture about what may have led to the bizarre crime that some are calling an anti-government act.

Jerad and Amanda Miller are accused of shooting two police officers and a third man, to death, on Sunday. Police say Amanda then shot and killed her husband, before turning the gun on herself.

One friend of the couple says they moved to Las Vegas to start a new life.

Amanda’s former roommate and high school classmate says she seemed happy, but admits she was becoming increasingly paranoid. The friend suspected something in the beginning of Amanda’s relationship with Jerad, but nothing like this.

Jerad’s roommate says he mentioned the attack the morning he left.

Police found a detailed plan to take over a courthouse and kill public officials when they searched their apartment.

Police say the Millers were anti-government and anti-police.

Jerad Miller was a felon with a long criminal history.

June 8

Two Las Vegas Metro Police Officers were killed while they ate lunch today at a pizza restaurant.

The shooters, a couple, then took their rampage to a nearby Walmart, where they killed another person, and got in a shootout with police.

It was 11:30 a.m. local time when a man and a woman entered CiCi’s Pizza Restaurant and opened fire. 

The man was wearing a bullet proof vest and armed with a high-powered rifle.

They then grabbed the downed officers’ weapons and ran across the street to a Walmart, shooting and killing someone near the front door.

Within minutes, police officers and swat teams quickly surrounded the store after reports of shots fired inside.   

After a firefight inside the store with officers, the woman killed the man and then she died herself from a gunshot wound.