Show For An Angel Raises Money For Horses

The fifth annual “Show for an Angel” hit the show ring Saturday in honor of a community member who cared for the well-being of horses.

Proceeds from the event go to Horse’s Haven, a charity organization with a goal of helping injured or neglected horses.

With over 100 participants and support from the community, the show has grown to become a big tradition.

“It was one of her passions and we thought we would carry that on for her.”

A passion for animal well-being has coursed through the McArthur family for years.

“We started our daughter off at a very young age getting into the horse-riding world and it really grew,” Don McArthur, husband of Donna McArthur, said. “We ended up owning a few more horses than I wanted to.”

The love for horses came from Donna McArthur, who passed away unexpectedly five years ago.

“Horses have always been a passion of her’s,” McArthur said. “It was something that we did together so when she passed away we decided to honor her memory with this.”

The Otsego County Fairgrounds holds the “Show for an Angel” in memory of Donna with this year marking the fifth show.

“It’s something that the whole family comes together to do,” Jenna Lawnichak, Donna’s daughter, said. “All of my mom’s relatives, her siblings, her mom and dad live downstate so every year they come up and help us run this show.”

With around 150 horses participating in the events each year, you can only imagine just how much it means to the family and the rest of the community.

“Our goal is to try and raise money in her memory for one of her favorite charities, Horse’s Haven down in Howell, Michigan that takes care of injured and abused animals in some cases,” McArthur said.

With a goal in sight for the entire community, the family takes the entire year to get ready.

“We’d like to raise $10,000 this year,” Lawnichak said. “We’ve gotten close the past couple of years.”

With the community on their side, the McArthurs know she is proud.

“She’d be smiling down upon us right now,” McArthur said. “I guarantee you that.”

For more information about Horse’s Haven and the “Show for an Angel,” visit the charity’s website here.