Free Fishing Weekend Sets Hook In Michigan

Many Northern Michigan folks are taking out their fishing poles for the first time this year for the statewide free fishing weekend.

Starting today, all fishing licenses are waived for both state residents and for people outside of Michigan.

All species of fish are fair game during the weekend, making it a good time for kids to reel in their first catch.

Families are open to enjoy fishing in the Great Lakes and the almost 11,000 inland lakes.

“We like to come out every year and be able to just do this as a family,” Cadillac resident Jamie Reddick said. “It’s a family thing that we do.”

“I like to have fun with my family and that I get to catch fish and it’s just a fun time out here,” Madison Reddick, Jamie’s daughter, said. “The weather is nice to go fishing.”

All fishing regulations still are in effect and the free weekend lasts until tomorrow night.

For more information, visit the official DNR website by clicking here