Back to the Bricks Kicks Off In Cadillac

Cadillac’s Back to the Bricks Car Show started its engines today after getting a bit of a head start.

Drivers began pre-registering for the event and it is already bigger than it was last year.

Drivers and their cars traveled to Godfrey’s Chevrolet-Buick to take part in the Blessing of the Classics before taking to the streets.

Participants took a cruise around Lake Cadillac and made several stops in downtown Cadillac.

“When I look at these cars, I see people’s dreams. This is what somebody hoped for. Somebody worked for. These are the dreams of some folks who have paid a high price for your dreams.” – Blessing of the Classics

Dreams that are strong with the glare of shining cars and the smell of burning rubber.

“A lot of the people I’m watching today, they built these cars from the ground up so they are pioneers of this industry,” Evan Godfrey, general manager of Godfrey’s Chevrolet-Buick, said.

This is what the Back to the Bricks Car Show is all about and what brings people from everywhere to take part in it.

“We had people coming in from Ontario, we had people coming in from Flint, Kalamazoo, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis,” said Joy VanDrie, executive director of the Cadillac Area Visitor’s Bureau. “We have a handful of people coming in from all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio. I mean they are coming in from all over the place.”

Although the main event is slated for tomorrow, drivers parked at Godfrey’s Chevrolet-Buick for the Blessing of the Classics.

When so many people flood into the city, the city feels the impact.

“Definitely have seen a difference in the day,” Michele Bosscher, owner of Serendipity, said. “Most of the people I have not seen in the store before, so that, in and of itself, is awesome.”

Marvin Huffman drove all the way from Canada to be there.

“I’m not computer literate, but my wife is so she always says ‘Oh, look at this. Maybe we should try that place,'” Huffman said.

With his ’87 Buick Grand National in tow, he didn’t know what to expect.

“This is a really amazing turnout,” Huffman said. “I didn’t expect to see 300 plus cars.”

Marvin and his wife have gone to many car shows, much like his fellow classic car drivers. He said the lot in Cadillac felt like home.

“We had a lot of fun,” Huffman said. “We do our visits. We haven’t been to Cadillac before. I’ve been everywhere else in the area and we thought well this would be a nice change. Let’s go to Cadillac. See what that car show is like.”

Last year, Back to the Bricks saw over 250 drivers line up for the community. With the main event happening tomorrow, even more drivers have signed up and even more are expected to follow.

“In midweek, out of the 260-some applicants that we already had, more than half of them were coming from more than three hours away,” VanDrie said.

“We’ll be back,” Huffman said. “It’s we really like the people. It’s great.”

Back to the Bricks continues in downtown Cadillac tomorrow on Sunday, June 7. The cars will be taking their places all along main street.