Rialto Theater Selling Decades Old Seats

It’s the end of an era for the seats at one northern Michigan movie theater.

The Rialto Theater in Grayling is removing their seats to make way for brand new ones.

The old seats have been there since the 1940’s and now the theater is hoping to find them new homes. 

They’ll be selling the seats, and for many, they’ll be taking home an important piece of their childhood, or a first date.

“For nostalgia, for memories, they had many dates at the Rialto, they usually sat in the same seats. We’re getting calls from all over the state, and a few other places in the country, saying if you sell the Rialto seats- I want to buy four, I want to buy eight,” says former owner, George Stancil.

To purchase a seat or seats, you can contact the Rialto Theater at 989-348-5948.