Family of Missing Woman Reaches Out To Community

“I just hope they find her safe or I don’t know…just hopefully,” Richard Sopha, Kim DeJohn’s son, said.

Jennifer Outman and her brother are still holding out for good news three weeks after their mother went missing.

“It’s hard to grasp, you know?” Outman said. “It’s like we are staring at a CSI or something, you know, and it’s not us, we’re watching a TV show and things like that.”

Jennifer helps coach her son’s soccer team.

In between celebrating her son’s birthday today and tonight’s big game, she is trying not to think the worst.

“I don’t want to see her on TV before I’m told,” Outman said. “I wish they could tell us more.”

Both Jennifer and her brother started a Facebook page for the search effort just a few days ago.

In that time, they have more than 600 followers.

“She’s got a lot of family that loves and cares for her and friends,” Outman said. “We just want her safe, preferably. We want to know if she is, No. 1.”

With Loyd DeJohn in police custody as a person of interest behind her disappearance, Jennifer says she hopes the truth comes out.

“If something did happen and between her and her husband and it ended up in her death, I wish that he would just come clean because I know that he would want to know if it was his mother,” Outman said.

At the end of the day, they both just want either closure — or their mom to come home.

“I just wish she’s somewhere safe and she sees us, hears us, and she comes home safe and get a hold of us,” Sopha said.