Police Investigate Presque Isle County Drive-By Shooting

Police are investigating a drive-by shooting that happened early Wednesday morning on St. Clair St. in in Presque Isle County. 

Police say tenants in the Rogers City home say they heard gunshots around 2 a.m. Witnesses saw a car in the street shortly after. No one reported it until later that morning, and neighbors say they thought was they heard was fireworks.  

Investigation revealed a vehicle drove by around 2:00 a.m. and fired several gunshots into the occupied home. The home is a rental and several families live in it. Shots went through windows both upstairs and downstairs. Police and tenants say they are lucky no one was injured.

Police say they have suspects and a motive in mind. They do not believe people in the area are in immediate danger. Police also say they believe this was an isolated incident, targeting some tenants of the home.

9&10’s Alyssa Gambla spent the day on scene and has more details.