Crawford AuSable Schools Honored With Visit

“I can see that the atmosphere of appreciation and support starts right at the board level,” Richard Zeile said.

The Crawford AuSable School District welcomed a visitor today and the national attention he brings.

“Rural schools don’t often come to our attention on the State Board of Education and that’s a real fault.”

Richard Zeile is the Chair of the National Association of School Boards of Education (NASBE). He toured the Crawford Ausable District, one of the top performing rural districts in the country, starting with the high school.

“High school is such a great window of opportunity because young people are, you know, up through elementary grades, kids look to their parents for what it means to be an adult,” Zeile said. “In high school, they are looking to other examples for adulthood.”

Modern methods here at Crawford Ausable schools are keeping students ahead of the game, but how?

“We have a tremendous amount of technology: one-on-one iPads, chrome books for our students and a e really see technology as a great equalizer,” Grayling schools superintendent Joe Powers said.

With the help of educational apps, Grayling Elementary School is one of the reasons why the district is so special.

“Technology engages students and if you can engage a student’s mind, you can engage a student to learn,” Powers said. “And that’s what we’re here about.”

Financially, the district is one of the lowest funded-per-pupil in the state, but that hasn’t held it back.

“It’s just energizing to see things being done right here,” Zeile said.