AG Schuette Announces More Charges Against Chesapeake Energy Corp.

An update on a racketeering and fraud cause we first brought you back in 2010.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is filing another round of charges against Chesapeake Energy Corporation.

Schuette says the Oklahoma-based company had agents convince Northern Michigan landowners to lease land to them in the summer of 2010, and said mortgages would not be an issue.

Once competition stopped, Chesapeake had nearly all the leases canceled. They went back on their word, using mortgages as the reason for the cancellations.

Schuette says this move meant competitors could not lease the land which was acquired on false pretenses.

The company is already accused of anti-trust violations. 

Thursday, June 5 Schuette announced nine additional charges against Chesapeake. One count of conducting criminal enterprises and eight counts of false pretenses between $1,000 and $20,000. 

Representatives from Chesapeake are scheduled to be in court on June 25 in Cheboygan County’s 89th District Court. 

This case is ongoing. If you have been a victim of the alleged Chesapeake crimes, please contact the Attorney General’s Corporate Oversight Division toll-free at 877-765-8388.