RV and Camper Sales Continue to Cruise Upwards

Summer vacation is on the horizon and many families will be taking off in a new RV or camper.

That’s according to one RV dealership who says they’re seeing some of their best business in years.

“It was tough in this business, there weren’t trailers selling, people couldn’t get financing, people were scared to buy and to commit to financing a RV, and so we didn’t sell very many.”

The RV industry took quite a big hit during the recession, and it wasn’t until last year that things finally began to look up. 

“Things improved immensely.” 

And now that the warm weather has arrived, the business at Jensen’s RV keeps on coming. 

Sales Consultant Joel Holzhausen explains, “This spring we had a very late start, the weather didn’t cooperate at all, it just been the last few weeks its been warm enough to drive customers in.”

What’s driving people to finally hit the open road with an RV or camper?

The banks have been very aggressive in financing trailers, people have been easily been able to afford them.”

With sales soaring, they are optimistic business will be even better than last year. 

“The volume of enquiries is higher, we seem to have more traffic and we’re looking for a good year,” says Holzhausen.

The best part of it all? Watching families drive off before a big adventure or vacation. 

“Usually they’re so excited to get it out and use it that’s a nice feeling when they leave.”

The one thing holding people back from finally purchasing an RV or camper? Continuously rising gas prices.