4-Year-Old Becomes Dad’s Little Hero

A father was trapped under a tree, until his 4-year-old came to the rescue.

A family in Manistee County has always been able to count on each other but nothing like what they ran into last week.

4-year-old Quillan saved his dad’s life in Bear Lake after a tree rolled on top of him while cutting wood.

When Quillan was asked what does it mean to be a superhero, he responded, “Means you got to help everyone in the whole world when they are in trouble.”

4-year-old Quillan loves his Spiderman shoes, helping his dad around the house and of course superheroes.

His dad asked him if Superman was a hero, Quillan said, “yeah,” and then 9&10 News asked him if he was a superhero and Quillan said, “Yeah, I am now.”

Quillan and his dad went to go chop wood behind their house last week when something went terribly wrong.

“I cut, shot out the limb I was cutting shot out from underneath it and this whole thing came rolling down on top of me,” says Grant Groenwald, Quillan’s dad.

The log hit Grant in the shoulder and the elbow, forcing him to lose his balance and fall over. Grant became pinned underneath the log and turned to his son for help.

“I said Quillan, you need to help daddy, daddy’s trapped. And he says, I can’t daddy, I just can’t, there’s no way I can,” Grant explained.

But brave Quillan turned to the chainsaw that was clearly too heavy for him and was able to drag it 30 feet to his hurt father. “I was able to finish cutting it and then once it popped off, once I got that one cut all the way through, I was able to get my foot picked up out of there,” says Grant.

Grant broke his left ankle and damaged all the soft tissue in his foot. But he was very thankful his son stepped up in such a scary situation.

“It’s really scary what could have been, I’m glad that it is as minor as it is now, but he’s my little hero, he’s my savior,” says Grant. 9&10 News asked Quillan what he thought about being a superhero, Quillan answered with, “Means I got to save daddy’s life.”

Quillan’s parents say he may not fully understand the importance of what he did now but they say they won’t ever let him forget his heroic act.