Clare Co. Deputies Respond to Explosion, Discover Possible Meth Lab

The co-owner of a Clare County motel is shaken up after a meth explosion on the property.

Deputies responded to the explosion at the Deer Trail Motel in Harrison early Tuesday morning. They discovered a pop bottle that appeared to have exploded inside a room. They also found ingredients used to cook meth.

Co-owner Rosalind Swanson says her and her husband have owned the motel for 22 years and she never could have imagined this would happen.  

The couple stays in the room next door to where police say the explosion took place. Swanson says she felt the room shake.

Deputies arrested one person in the motel room on a charge unrelated to the explosion. He’s being held at the Clare County Jail.

Swanson and police are glad no one was hurt.

The incident remains under investigation.

9&10’s Breelynn Martin and Photojournalist Jacob Johnson spoke to the owner about the explosion.