Traverse City’s Restaurant Red Ginger Has Brick Column Crumble

Dinner patrons at Traverse City’s Red Ginger restaurant were evacuated Friday night.

At around 7:30 p.m., the fire department responded to East Front Street to find a brick column inside the diner crumbling.

A portion of the 200 block near the restaurant was also closed, including venues like Horizons Books and the State Theatre.

The bookstore and the theatre are expected to be closed through Monday of next week, while, the Red Ginger will be shut down until further notice.

Traverse City Fire Chief Jim Tuller said, “The idea is that we want to, No. 1, make sure everyone’s protected and safe. No. 2, make sure we can get the building fixed appropriately so that they can get back in business as quickly as possible.”

No injuries occurred due to the incident and officials met Saturday morning to discuss future ways to make the building safe.