Traverse City’s 10th Annual Walk to Cure Arthritis Raises Thousands

Walkers hit the sidewalks of Traverse City to raise funds for arthritis cure research Saturday. 

Over 200 people attended the 10th Annual Walk to Cure Arthritis at Traverse City’s Holiday Inn. 

The program is expected to have raised around $17,000 in donations thanks in part to sponsors supporting the walkers. 

The walk honored both adults and children who suffer with the disease. 

10-year-old youth honoree Brynn Hubbard says community awareness is key. 

Hubbard said, “Doing the interviews, radio interviews, newspaper interviews, all that; it was just letting people take note that us, kids, need a cure so we could live a normal life.”

Team members who came to support Hubbard have raised around $3,000.