Traverse City Hosts Fourth Annual Bike Swap

Doors opened once again up in Traverse City for customers looking to get their hands on new bikes or to donate their old ones.

The Fourth Annual Bike Swap opened to over 100 customers Saturday morning, giving them options for swapping out their rides for improved versions.

The swap featured bikes for both adults and kids, making it a family experience.

All proceeds from purchases go to future support for the program, including fixing up old bikes for new riders.

Recycle-A-Bike Program Director Don Cunkel said, “We had over almost 300 bikes in here and when we opened up the doors, over 100 people came in here very quickly. Within an hour, we probably sold almost two-thirds of the stock we had brought in here.”

The Bike Swap, run by TART Trails, gives around 150 bikes away each year.