Benzie Co. Hit and Run Victim Speaks Out

A northern Michigan family walked away with only minor injuries after another driver sent them flying down an embankment.

The accident happened early Sunday morning. Police say Bruce Ray III ran a stop sign.

He hit a minivan and then took off.

The family from Mesick had three kids inside the van.

The hit and run happened at the intersection of M-115 and Wallaker Road, in Benzie County.

After a night at the Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theater, the Monroe family was almost back home to Mesick.

That’s when another driver ran a stop sign, leaving them with nowhere to go.

“There was no way we could avoid it.”

The Monroe’s van ricocheted off this red Pontiac, sending them flying down this embankment.

“Initially when we hit, my husband got out of the vehicle immediately to go see if the people in the other vehicle we’re okay. Unfortunately, they had taken off,” explains Deanna Monroe.

Deanna says her initial shock then turned to anger.

“It was absolutely horrible to feel that pain and that anger of someone who has no compassion. I was concerned for anyone’s well-being as long as that person was not caught.”

Police say the driver, Bruce Ray III, eventually crashed into a guard rail just miles down the road. He and three others then left the scene of that accident.

Back at the scene of the initial crash, Monroe says she’s thankful they’ll only have to replace a car, and not recover from something more tragic.

“I’m very thankful that it’s a headlight and a piece of plastic down there, and not a cross where one of my kids could have been killed.”

Bruce Ray III will be charged with falsely reporting a felony, failure to stop at the scene of an accident, and failure to stop after a collision.

His passenger, Dominic Ray, who was caught after running from the scene, is being charged with assaulting and resisting a police officer.