Furniture Store Closing After 40 Years in Business

After 40 years in business, a furniture store is closing and saying goodbye to many memories.

The store has been a staple for the community and they don’t know what could fill the void after the store leaves.

Bradley’s Furniture in downtown Roscommon is slowly but surely closing it’s doors after facing a tough economy the last couple of years.

Dick Bradley opened his first store at the age of 20 and it just took off from there. “We were able to sell all over the state of Michigan in the last decade and this decade it’s been just a little change,” says Dick Bradley, owner of Bradley’s Furniture.

Bradley says it took a lot to announce to his loyal customers he was closing up shop. “I was disappointed, knew that wouldn’t be finding this stuff anywhere, we’d have to go looking other places for it,” says Chris Cornell, customer. But the decision came after the economy took a turn. Bradley is now trying to sell everything inside so he can move on to bigger and better things. “35 years with furniture only in Roscommon is quite a long time. We’re just going to close up the store and look at our options from there and move on with life. I hope a very nice business comes in here and people will treat them as nicely as they’ve treated me,” says Bradley.

Bradley says there is no timeline of when they will officially close the store because there is still plenty of merchandise to be sold.