Traverse City Watershed Center Receives Grant For Kid’s Creek Project

The Watershed Center in Traverse City will get some big help with a big project.  

They’re beginning work on phase one of the Kid’s Creek project, which starts at Munson Medical Center’s campus.

This week, the DEQ awarded them a $634,000 grant that will help them with phase two.

It will involve infrastructure to help with storm water runoff.

“If you get too much water in a stream, it causes a lot of erosion, it scours the banks, and it’s also filled with a lot of sediments as well, so really, by doing things like this to reduce storm water inputs, we’re protecting water quality in Kid’s Creek and the Grand Traverse Bay,” said Sarah U’Ren, of The Watershed Center.

The Watershed Center says they are thrilled to get the money, so they can move forward with the project.