National Writers Series Hosts Author Emily Giffin

Her newest book will debut on the New York Time’s Best Seller’s list at number one, and tonight, she was in Traverse City to talk about it.

Author Emily Giffin was tonight’s guest at the National Writers Series.

She came to talk about her new book “The One and Only.”

In the book, Giffin explores the idea of unconventional love, with a football-obsessed Texas town as the backdrop.

Giffin says readers will certainly be able to relate to many of the situations the characters go through.  

“I think that a lot of people, regardless of their age and background, have that moment where they say to themselves, ‘Is this the life I’m meant to be living?’ ‘Am I in the right relationship?’ ‘Do I have the right job?’ or ‘Am I hear because of safety or convenience?’ and I think that’s a relatable thing that a lot of people go through,” explained Giffin.

Giffin, whose book “Something Borrowed” was made into a movie, says she’s working on the script for the sequel, “Something Blue.”