Couple Accused of Allowing Underage Drinking at After Prom Party

A husband and wife are in trouble, accused of having an after prom party with alcohol at their home in Benton Township near Cheboygan.

Police arrested Mark and Catherine Pearson on May 3rd for allowing minors to drink alcohol.

Police found a car pulled over after the Cheboygan prom with teens inside of it. They said they pulled ouver to “sleep off” alcohol and could not drive. The sheriff says he is glad the students pulled over, despite being in the car initially.

The teens told police they had been at a party hosted by the Pearson family. They then visited the residence to find several teens.

Deputies found alcohol being served to minors, marijuana and crushed prescription pills at the home.

Several of the students were cited for being minors with alcohol. The Pearson’s will be back in court next month.