Cheboygan Mother Admits to Keeping Her Two Children From School

A Cheboygan mother of two is in big trouble after her children missed more than a month of school. 

Theresa Duffin pleaded guilty to truancy on Friday.

She has two sons in elementary school. The investigation revealed that one child had missed 43 days, the other 34 days. Neither had any medical excuses from a doctor.

Duffin received several warnings from the school liaison officer Deputy Rob Fenlon about having the children present. Deputy Fenlon even offered to help get the kids to school. Duffin continued failing to bring her children to school. 

She was charged with truancy on February 26 and admitted to the crime on May 23. 

Duffin will be on probation for 13 months after spending 90 days in jail. A judge also ordered her to pay $455 in fines. She cannot use any controlled substances or alcohol and will be randomly tested. 

Duffin must have her children at school everyday unless there is a doctor’s note.