UPDATE: Two Suspects Arrested Accused of Sex Crimes in Big Rapids

Update: May 28

The Mecosta County man who police say fled to Asia to avoid rape charges has been arrested and is waiting to come back to Michigan.

Police also arrested a second suspect, charged for separate sexual assaults at the same party over the weekend.

Police say Patrick Kettner and Doug Robinson sexually assaulted three teenage girls at a party early Sunday morning near Big Rapids.

Since then, deputies arrested Robinson in Mecosta County, while military police captured Kettner in Guam.

Robinson is charged with assaulting two of the girls.

Kettner will face rape charges when he is brought back to Michigan.

Mecosta County has never had to deal with an international fugitive before and will have to cover the cost of bringing Kettner home to be charged.

Sheriff Todd Purcell explains, “Our responsibility is to bring the accused to justice and in my belief that’s at whatever cost it takes. There is a contracted fee through the marshal service and if the suspect is found guilty of his crimes then he will then incur the costs of his transport.”

There is no timetable for Kettner’s return, but the sheriff says U.S. Marshals have already been given the go-ahead to bring him back.

May 27

The search for an armed and dangerous suspect in Mecosta County is now an international effort.

The Mecosta County Sheriff’s Department was looking for a teenager.

They were told he raped and sexually assaulted several girls at a party Saturday night near Big Rapids.

A search warrant Tuesday morning found the 18-year-old had taken off and several guns were missing from the home.

Police then found out he went to Chicago where he took a flight to Japan.

The Mecosta County Sheriff’s Department is working with federal and international police to bring him back.

The teen’s name is being withheld until he is formally charged.

9&10’s Eric Lloyd and photojournalist Tony Zyber spoke with police about the international manhunt and have more details.