McGowan’s Menu: Gaylord’s Diana Delights

For almost 30 years, customers have been watching the menu expand at Diana’s Delights in downtown Gaylord. When it first opened, they offered about 15 breakfast and lunch items.

But now you can find breakfast quiches, omelets and skillets along with lunches, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and lots of savory soups.

John McGowan stopped by Diana’s Delights in this week’s edition of McGowan’s Menu.

Kim Roney, the daughter of the original owner of Diana’s Delights, runs the restaurant now in partnership with her father. But it’s clear, mom still has quite an influence on this restaurant’s success.

“My Mom started this little diner about 25, well almost 30 years ago. Very small menu, very simple, but very homemade, everything was. And everything still is. And basically, we just kept growing and growing and growing.”

And it was part of her mother’s desire to have their own place, a bigger place and that helped inspire their move from across the street about four years ago.

“After my mom passed, that was about six years ago, I didn’t know what we were gonna do. But we wanted to stay, we wanted to keep the business going. She worked here for 25 years, so long and so hard, ya know. It’s such a wonderful business, it’s very, very family oriented, that my dad and I decided to keep it running.”

Diana’s Delight’s is a strictly breakfast and lunch place, and Kim is particularly proud of the variety available for breakfast.

“Skillets are fresh potatoes, fresh ingredients, every day, all grilled up. Eggs any style the way you want ’em on top. Your choice of toast or croissant. The French toast are all very unique and different. We have a stuffed croissant French toast with a homemade cream cheese stuffing, with fresh strawberries or blueberries. And it’s served with Pure Maple syrup, whipped butter.”

Trish Allmacher has worked in Diana’s Delights kitchen for six years, and she has her own favorite breakfast. “Well I get the Cheezey bacon skillet because that’s just my favorite. I like the potatoes, and I like bacon. Cheese and eggs, that’s my favorite.”

Lunch time, as you can see, is a very busy time at Diana’s Delights. Part of the reason for that says Kim, is their Reuben sandwich.

“The corn beef is roasted here, very, very super tender. It’s melt-in-your-mouth. The Russian dressing is probably the most special part of it because, that’s homemade in-house, just like everything else, but it has a very unique flavor, so very tasty, grilled very crispy, on home-made rye.”

And if you like salads, you have 11 from which to choose on Diana’s menu. Kim says among the most popular, are the cobb, the fruity chicken, and steak salad.

Trish describes another popular choice, the southwest cobb. “It’s on a bed of mixed greens. It’s got onions, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, beans, corn, cut up chipotle, ranch sauce. It’s got chicken on it and stripped on top.”

When you walk in the door, it’s hard to ignore the display case of their baked goods. 

Kim explains, “Pecan rolls you know are a definite staple there because we have to have them. People want them all the time. Muffins, there’s different varieties, we probably have 75 different kinds of muffins that we do. Today we have spice and berry oat bran, and an autumn harvest muffin, or a maple walnut muffin.”

You’ll also find cheesecake brownies, cookies, a big variety, and fruit custard, tarts, and carrot cake.

Diana’s Delights is located on West Main Street in downtown Gaylord. They’re open Monday through Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and Sunday for breakfast only 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.