Jack’s Journal: Truck Driving

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a veteran truck driver?

Jack O’Malley got behind the wheel of an 18-wheel simulator and takes you along for the ride in this week’s Jack’s Journal.

I’ve always had a hankering to drive a truck. I know it’s not easy and a veteran truck driver, now instructor, tried to explain what folks with 4 wheels should know about those with 18. It’s not easy!

“You get this perspective in a car that the truck pulls out but what you don’t see is the 75 feet behind them and the 80 thousand pounds they have on there and target they have painted on them. It’s a very stressful job,” explains Tim Baker, V.P. of Operations at Pinnacle Truck Driver Training

To see what it’s like driving a big rig, I got behind the wheel of a simulator. Gain experience but let damage be “virtual.” I was started with a simple course to get the feel.

“Man I look down and all of a sudden I’m not on the road!” said Jack. 

Then it was on to city streets. That’s when I got a taste of what 75 feet of trailer is like. Watch the curbs! Oops! And the street signs…oops. I keep forgetting the blinker…oops. But I think I’m doing OK until I hit that pick up and shut down the simulation…oops.

Driving a truck isn’t easy and this summer we will be sharing the road. So let’s be respectful and careful.

“I think I better stick to talking for a living,” Jack said.