Community Compassion Network to Close Food Pantry

It’s a place many rely on to get food, but soon they will close their doors.

The Community Compassion Network in Mount Pleasant runs the stationary food pantry.

They say they simply can’t afford to stay at their current location.

On a monthly basis, 800 families use the food pantry.

That’s why they are working hard to stay open. 

“The overhead at this location is extremely high. Our heating costs were out of this world this past winter. Our landlord has done his very best to cut the rent down but it’s just not the efficient structure that we need to have to continue to operate,” explains Community Compassion Network Interim Director, Faye Schaeffer.

It was costing the Community Compassion Network thousands of dollars to run this food pantry- a price they simply could not afford any longer. 

“We’ll be closing to our guests on June 26th, and we’re having a mobile food pantry here though on June 28th.”

On top of feeding hundreds, they’ll be looking for a new location-as well as a way to receive more funds. 

“One move that were making is for CCN to move into being it’s own 501(c)(3) and that would enable us to have access to federal grants and funding like that, and also then we could approach United Way in regards to funding,” says Schaeffer.

CCN is also looking to the generosity of local businesses and churches. 

“Just try to establish and get some committed partners that say, ‘We’ll give you $1,000 every month or so, you can count on this and know that you do have your overhead coverage or you have your food cost covered.'”

In the meantime, they don’t want those who use the food pantry to worry- they’re doing whatever they can to continue providing this service. 

“We still want them to come and get food, that we’re going to do our best for them until we can relocate and get reestablished.”

CCN will continue to hold their mobile food pantries twice a month.

If you’re interested in helping out, monetary donations are greatly appreciated.