Bayshore Marathon Helps Boost Business

Today was the 32nd annual Bayshore Marathon held in Traverse City.

As thousands of runners flooded the area, businesses were excited to finally see a jump in customers.

“It’s been, obviously, a tough winter in this area and Spring looks like it has finally come in,” says Eric Slater, general manager of Knights Inn and Howard Johnson.

The cherry capital has been waiting for its time to shine and many say the Bayshore is the kick off. “Last night it was all nervous energy. Everybody was here and they are just super nervous and excited, then today they come in and they get to share the stories with us,” says Mark McHolmes, manager of Running Fit. Running Fit says they will do a month’s worth of business in these three days surrounding the race.

A lot of the businesses near the starting line were especially busy. “So many of the properties really count on these events to survive for the rest of the year,” says Slater. The Howard Johnson and Knights Inn received reservations several months in advance and always look forward to the rush and revenue.