Veterans Memorial Park Almost Finished After Years of Planning

After years of planning, one northern Michigan village is putting the finishing touches on a memorial that will honor those who serve our country.

Just in time for Memorial Day, the Kingsley Area Memorial Park is almost complete.

Community members say the project has been a long time coming.

“Our veterans served our country, and some of them lost their lives, some of them came back that were wounded, never will be the same and I think it’s very important to let the people know how much we appreciate our veterans,” says Kingsley resident, Donna Martin.

 But it has been a while since people in Kingsley have been able to do that. Their former memorial that once stood in town has been gone for years. 

“Over time that sign weathered down, they put it in storage, and at one point it was just gone, whether it was a fire or something else but it, it just was gone,” explains Mitchell Foster, the Village Manager.

 Now, over the last few years many community members have worked together to make a new memorial, a reality. 

“This project itself started probably about three years ago with the village acquiring the property. About two years ago, we actually had a design firm design this.” 

Then thanks to funds from the Kingsley DDA, the memorial would finally be built. Foster says this is only the beginning. 

“We’re hoping this is just part one. The remainder of the project as you’ll see on the sign actually goes the rest of the entire length of this park here, with a pathway, with some seating and we’re hoping to gain donations at some point.”

Many say they hope the new memorial park gives veterans, both fallen and alive, the feeling of appreciation they deserve. 

“Kingsley loves and honors their veterans,” says Martin, “And I had three brothers in the service and so I thought it was a really something wonderful to have here in Kingsley.”

A dedication ceremony for the park will be held on June 6th at 4 p.m.